About Valley Stray Rescue

Mission Statement

At Valley Stray Rescue, our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome stray and abandoned animals, providing them with a second chance for a happy and healthy life. We are driven by a deep commitment to alleviate the suffering of stray animals and to create a community where every animal is valued and cared for. Through proactive rescue efforts, compassionate care, and community outreach, we strive to reduce the population of stray animals, promote responsible pet ownership, and raise awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering. Our dedicated team, in collaboration with volunteers and supporters, works tirelessly to transform the lives of stray animals, fostering a future where no animal is left behind, and every soul finds a forever home filled with love and understanding.

Founder Biography

Katie Graves
Owner and Founder
Valley Stray Rescue

The owner and founder of VSR, Katie Graves, has been rescuing animals in need since she was a child.  Her parents were big advocates for helping stray, dumped, or injured animals and she grew up with a deep respect and admiration of many pets, livestock, and wildlife.  As an adult she continued to give what little time and money she had during her professional career to continue to do what she did best, care for animals in need.  After retiring she began volunteering at many different animal rescues until finally deciding to purchase a large rural property in unincorporated Maricopa in 2020.  

Undenounced to Katie before purchasing this property, the area is known for its large stray dog population and it is also a popular area for dumping unwanted dogs.  Within the first year Katie took in, rehabilitated, socialized, vetted, and found forever homes for several dogs who had simply wandered onto her property.  Approx. two years later Valley Stray Rescue was formed and as of February 2024 Katie has saved and rehomed over 80 stray and or discarded animals to include dogs, cats, birds, fish, and more recently, tortoises.  Valley Stray Rescue has been granted a 501C3 non-profit status and continues to work hard at lessening the overwhelming problem of neglected and discarded animals of Pinal County.